I learned to read pretty quickly. I can’t remember exactly when, but I started school when I was 4 and could read very soon after that. I’ve been mad about books ever since. My earliest memory, book-wise, is of the old library in my hometown. There was a row of Beatrix Potter books kept on the librarian’s desk for small children. The children’s section was close by too, so that the librarian could keep an eye on young borrowers. There was a difference of opinion between her and I when I thought I was old enough to move up to adult books, and she did not. But we came to some arrangement.

Once upon a time, I wanted to be a librarian. I helped in the library at high school to get some experience. I did enjoy it and I could see myself doing that. But I dropped out after only one year of a BA Librarianship course. Well, they wanted us to learn Russian from scratch as well as all the courses. Ridiculous!

We have a nice public library in Aberystwyth, but it does not get many good new books in, so I tend to buy the books I read from Waterstones, or second hand bookshops. I am delighted to be able to afford to buy new hardbacks now and then! As for the facts, I am:

60-something; wife and mother; hen and cat wrangler; living in Wales; Pagan and Piscean.