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20 books for summer

I’ve decided to do the “20 books for summer” challenge at 746 Books. 20 books? Piece of cake! The idea is to read books on one’s TBR pile, and I love the idea, given that I loathe and detest the summer. So having a challenge will hopefully take my mind off the horrible heat we’re bound to have. Something to do while I hibernate.

So far I’ve come up with the following list of books that are on my TBR pile:

The Little Stranger Sarah Waters
The Anatomy of Ghosts Andrew Taylor
The Stone Circle Elly Griffiths
Cutting Edge ed. Joyce Carol Oates
How To Be Both Ali Smith
A God In Every Stone Kamila Shamsie
A Spool of Blue Thread Anne Tyler
The Lie Tree Frances Hardinge
The Hours Michael Cunningham
The House by the Churchyard Sheridan le Fanu
Give The Devil His Due Sulari Gentill
A Dangerous Language Sulari Gentill
All The Tears In China Sulari Gentill

Yes, I know that’s only 13 but I’ll have a scout round my overstocked bookshelves and see what else I can find. They’re not all the same genre, some of them are books I bought because they were all the rage at the time. You know, on Waterstones’ “buy two get one free” tables. I’m also intending to actually write reviews of the books; the sort of thing I told myself I would do when I got this blog.

More books to be added when I find them!


Odd Girl Out by Barbara Fawcett


Brat Farrar by Josephine Tey


  1. I have The Hours on my pile too! I love your choices. I really enjoyed The Little Stranger and How to be Both. Hope you have a summer of fab reading!

  2. I left a few spots open for wild cards as well. You never know what will catch my whim at the library!

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