In the 1980’s, the Hernandez brothers produced a comic book series called “Love & Rockets”. Jaime Hernandez’s half was called “Las Locas”, the story of Maggie and Hopey. They were two Mexican-American women, just starting out in life on their own. Hopey was a rebel who aspired to be a famous puink rock guitarist, while Maggie was a more gentle, sweet girl who worked as a mechanic, sometimes. They had lots of adventures, fell in and out of love, lost jobs and found new ones, and never lost sight of who they were. But Maggie and Hopey’s world was not ours. Their was a world in which superheroes, robots, rockets and aliens were commonplace. In which the biggest celebrities were mechanics and detectives, not film stars. Where multi-billionaires bought islands and competed to see who could control the most toys, without being toppled by rebels.

“Los Locas” is still being published with a grown up set of crazy friends. But the early issues are being reprinted in complete stories. This first volume is about how Maggie goes to work with Rand Race, the prosolar mechanic and falls in love with him. She has adventures with dinosaurs, strange native peoples, and almost dies in a revolution. While Hopey stays at home, playing her guitar and waiting for Maggie to come back. It’s a great introduction to their strange world. The artwork is lovely and the stories are great fun.