I’ve decided to do the “20 books for summer” challenge at 746 Books. 20 books? Piece of cake! The idea is to read books on one’s TBR pile, and I love the idea, given that I loathe and detest the summer. So having a challenge will hopefully take my mind off the horrible heat we’re bound to have. Something to do while I hibernate.

So far I’ve come up with the following list of books that are on my TBR pile:

The Little Stranger Sarah Waters
The Anatomy of Ghosts Andrew Taylor
The Stone Circle Elly Griffiths
Cutting Edge ed. Joyce Carol Oates
How To Be Both Ali Smith
A God In Every Stone Kamila Shamsie
A Spool of Blue Thread Anne Tyler
The Lie Tree Frances Hardinge
The Hours Michael Cunningham
The House by the Churchyard Sheridan le Fanu
Give The Devil His Due Sulari Gentill
A Dangerous Language Sulari Gentill
All The Tears In China Sulari Gentill

Yes, I know that’s only 13 but I’ll have a scout round my overstocked bookshelves and see what else I can find. They’re not all the same genre, some of them are books I bought because they were all the rage at the time. You know, on Waterstones’ “buy two get one free” tables. I’m also intending to actually write reviews of the books; the sort of thing I told myself I would do when I got this blog.

More books to be added when I find them!